Terrorist attacks in Iraq, condemned by Ashton

25.01.2013 - 10:45

On 25 January, the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton condemned the recent spate of terrorist attacks in Iraq.

“The High Representative condemns in the strongest terms the spate of terrorist attacks in the past days in Iraq, which have killed dozens of innocent civilians and members of the security forces, and injured hundreds more,” spokesperson of EU High Representative stated today.

On 23 January, at least 20 people were killed at a Shiite mosque in Tuz Khormato, Iraq after a suicide bomber attacked a funeral. Moreover, on 16 January, at least 18 people were killed and 117 wounded in two explosions near Kurdish targets in Kirkuk. According to Peyamner news agency, fifteen people were killed in a suicide attack outside a compound housing several organisations of the Kurdistan Democratic Pary, while three people were killed when a vehicle exploded near the convoy of the party's leader in Kirkuk, Mohammed Kamal, who was also wounded.

According to the statement by the spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, “the High Representative remains confident that the Iraqi people will remain steadfast in their continued rejection of attempts by extremists to undermine the security and the stability of Iraq through such senseless use of violence.” 

Ashton called once again the Government of Iraq and all Iraqi political leaders to engage in substantial dialogues, which will aim to establish inclusive democratic governance in all of the country.

The statement by the EU High Representative concluded that an Iraqi democratic government “underpinned by rule of law and respect of the Constitution, represents the best chance to ultimately defy the continuing unacceptable violence.”