Tallinn to sell its excess pollution quota to Japan

29.01.2012 - 19:01


The Estonian environment ministry was poised to sell its excess pollution quota to the Japanese Marubeni Corporation, local media revealed last week. A deal was pending to be inked shortly between the Estonian environment ministry and the Japanese company, according to the reports. 
The revenues from the sale are destined to be used in low energy consumption theatre lighting and environment-friendly theatre buses. In eight Estonian theatres, outdated lighting equipment will be replaced partly, making stage activities more environment-friendly thereby helping to reduce permanent costs. 
The theatre bus programme would enable five theatres to give up the old buses they use now and replace those with modern environment-friendly ones. Estonia has actively worked on finding buyers for excess AAUs and the government thus far concluded five agreements with European governments, two with Austria and Spain and one with Luxembourg as well as 15 agreements with Japanese corporations. Marubeni Corporation buys AAUs from the Estonian state for the third time.