No Olympic bounce for PM Cameron

09.08.2012 - 12:24

The British Prime minister's hopes of a golden bloom from Olympic success has failed to materialise.

The latest opinion polls on voting intentions put the Conservatives down one point at 31, their coalition partners, the Liberals have gained one point to give them 10 and Labour dropped a point, leaving them still clearly ahead at 40.

What may worry the Conservatives is that UKIP, campaigning heavily to woo disaffected Tories are equal with the Liberals at 10.

More damning is the approval ratings of the three main party leaders. David Cameron's approval figures increased slightly to 33% while his disapproval declined to 50% giving him a net rating of -17%, his best since April.

Labour leader Ed Miliband has an approval figure of 25% while 40% disapprove, giving him a net rating of -15%, still just ahead of the Prime Minister but, again, the closest that this gap has been since he overtook David Cameron in May.

Nick Clegg's net approval rating remains at 14% while 60% disapprove giving him a net rating of -46%

The figures are good news for Nigel Farage and his hopes of pressuring Cameron into an EU membership referendum.

Cameron has weathered some storms, with austerity, poor economic data and more, so there is some resilience to his appeal, although no party leader is approved of. Stirrings on the right of his party and a concerted effort by Boris Johnson, the Conservative London Mayor to position himself for a later challenge, have not weakened Cameron noticeably.

The Liberal leader, Nick Clegg is paying a heavy price for joining in a coalition with the Tories, although he points out that it was vital that a government had to be formed quickly and the Conservatives had the popular vote. The Liberals are expecting to be virtually wiped out in the next election and have seen membership, in particular the activists, rushing to leave the party.