New buzzwords on the horizon

New year, new jargon

03.01.2013 - 07:58

If there is one thing that we can rely on in 2013, it is the constant war against clear and simple language will be waged by the institutions and the PR and lobby companies.

The narcissistic bubble our technology advocates, or evangelists as they prefer to be called, is one where neither reality nor a check on hubris ever gains access. All that counts is if you can make your corporate buzzwords gain acceptance amongst your co-literacy deprived.

Technology website, Mashable has gathered together the buzzwords they predict we’ll be using in 2013. It’s not a pretty sight.

Top of the list is Advertainment. Which they explain as "Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it's about being what people are interested in." We’re not sure what that means, apart from those sad souls who prefer the adverts to regular TV programs. It may end up an ‘Advertorial: a commercial that you’d rather be in the lavatory, than watch.”

Second is ‘phablets’ a horribly inelegant term for something between a phone and a tablet.

Third is ‘Growth hacker’ apparently not a modern term for hedgecutting but “a role that replaces traditional marketing roles in fast-growing businesses."

The fourth one needs careful study. “Social Learning” This is defined as “a role that replaces traditional marketing roles in fast-growing businesses." In other words, it’s learning you don’t, well, learn, or use. How useful is this?

They also advocate the ‘Twinternship’ where a humble unpaid stagiere spends their time on twitter for the boss.

This is an interesting move in PR. Previously, PR was invented to speak for the CEOs, saving the world from their idiocy and prejudice. Now, the CEOs are on Twitter, being unimaginably embarrassing. The Twintern is one, very cheap, way of trying to reign in the insanity of the bosses.

2013, the year plain language died. Again.