Karamarko ousts Kosor as chair of HDZ parliamentary group

25.05.2012 - 16:09

Members of the parliament from the opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) decided on 25 May to oust the former party leader Jadranka Kosor from her post as the chairwoman of their parliamentary caucus and elected the new party president Tomislav Karamarko as the new caucus leader.

Karamarko said, following the caucus session, that the new vice-presidents of the parliamentary club will be the former foreign minister Gordan Jandroković and the former finance minister Ivan Šuker. He added that there were no discussion about posts of the Parliament vice-presidents, which currently hold Kosor and Vladimir Šeks, who both lost internal party elections, specifying that those decisions will be made by the party Presidency.

It is likely that, after being badly defeated at the party congress, Kosor and Šeks will also lose their positions as the Parliament vice-presidents. However, further intensification of the conflict could potentially lead to a rift in the caucus and the party itself. So far, Kosor accepted her defeat and abstained from moves which could harm HDZ, but if her marginalisation continues, it would not be surprising if she decides to split from the group and, maybe with some loyalists, start acting as an independent legislator.