Syria activists say rebels reach deal with government to ease blockade of rebel-held town

10.11.2013 - 09:48

Syria activists say truce made in blockaded town

Associated Press - 10 November 2013 03:48-05:00

(AP) — Syrian activists say government officials and rebels have reached a deal to ease a weeks-long blockade on the rebel-held town of Qudsaya.

The Qudsaya Media Team said early Sunday that the deal was made between local elders and officials of the government of President Bashar Assad, whose forces have blockaded Qudsaya for the past month. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said late Saturday that the deal allowed food to enter.

In Syria's three-year conflict, where rebel groups are trying to overthrow the Assad government, both sides have blockaded towns to squeeze out fighters. The most affected however have been poor people struggling to buy food, the elderly, the sick and children.

In recent weeks Syrian mediators have been trying to ease blockades in several areas.

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