Suicide bomber, gunmen attack hotel in central Somalia frequented by African Union troops

18.03.2014 - 12:04

Suicide bomber, gunmen attack hotel in Somalia

Associated Press - 18 March 2014 07:04-04:00

(AP) — A Somali military official says the country's al-Qaida-linked group attacked a hotel in a central Somalia town with a suicide car bomb and gunmen, killing at least five people.

Col. Ahmed Ali said a suicide car bomber blew himself up Tuesday in the town of Bulo-burte, paving the way for a gunfight between troops and al-Shabab militants who tried to break through a hotel's defenses. The hotel is frequented by Somali and African Union officials.

The African Union and Somali troops seized the town last week. Officials said it was serving as a training and supply center for militants.

It's the second attack in two days. A military official in Mogadishu said a car bomber tried to attack an African Union convoy on Monday but missed and killed only himself.

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