Strong typhoon threatens Philippines, strands more than 3,000 ferry passengers

11.08.2013 - 08:38
Typhoon threatens Philippines, strands thousands
Associated Press - 11 August 2013 02:38-04:00

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Officials say more than 3,000 passengers have been stranded on piers in the northeast of the Philippines as ferry services were suspended due to an approaching typhoon, the strongest to threaten the country this year.

Government forecasters told reporters Sunday that Typhoon Utor, with winds of 150 kilometers per hour (93 miles per hour) and gusts up to 185 kph (115 mph), could gather strength over the Philippine Sea before it slams into northeastern Aurora province Monday.

Forecaster Jori Loiz says typhoon alerts have been issued in several northern provinces, including in the capital, Manila, warning residents to brace for possible floods and landslides.

Utor is the 12th of about 20 storms and typhoons expected to lash the Philippines this year.

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