Pemex duct explodes in central Mexico, report of at least 6 injuries

21.07.2013 - 15:39
Pemex duct explodes in central Mexico, 6 injured
Associated Press - 21 July 2013 09:39-04:00

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities say a 30-inch oil pipeline has exploded in central Mexico state, sending plumes of flame and smoke hundreds of feet into the air and injuring at least six people.

State-run Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, says the explosion and fire in a pipeline in a farm field in Tonanitla was likely caused by illegal tapping.

The explosion early Sunday morning before 5 a.m. occurred in a rural area and did not threaten homes or communities, according to civil protection authorities in Mexico state.

There were no evacuations. Media reports said police and others responding to the fire were among the injured.

The supply of crude oil through the pipeline was immediately suspended, Pemex said.

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