Obama and Bush both heading to Tanzania's capital city, but the question is whether they meet

01.07.2013 - 08:54
Obama, Bush heading to the same African city
by NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press - 1 July 2013 02:54-04:00

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush are planning to be in the same city a world away from home. But the question is whether they will get together.

The Democratic president was flying Monday into Dar es Salaam (dahr ehs sah-LAHM'), Tanzania (tan-zuh-NEE'-uh), for the last visit on a weeklong tour of Africa. His Republican predecessor coincidentally also plans be there for a conference organized by his institute on empowering African woman.

Their wives plan to have a panel discussion on Tuesday at the conference. Initially aides to both former presidents said the men had no plans to meet. But Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes indicated Sunday that they might work something out.

On his African tour, Obama has credited Bush with helping fight AIDS.

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