Estonia rejects fast-track citizenship for Russian figure skater Alexander Zaboev

14.11.2013 - 18:47

Estonia stops Russian figure skater's Sochi hopes

Associated Press - 14 November 2013 12:48-05:00

(AP) — Estonia's skating federation says the government has rejected Russian figure skater Alexander Zaboev's fast-track application for Estonian citizenship, meaning he won't be able to compete in the Sochi Olympics for the Baltic country.

Zaboev was hoping to compete in pairs with Estonia's Natalja Zabijako, with whom he's been skating since 2012. Olympic rules say pairs have to be citizens of the same country.

Federation spokesman Gunnar Kuura didn't say on Thursday why the fast-track application was rejected, but said the 24-year-old Zaboev was determined to become an Estonian citizen and seek citizenship "through the standard, longer procedure."

Estonia will be represented in the Sochi figure skating competition by one male and one female skater.

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