World Bank to boost municipal investments

20.05.2012 - 21:00
The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors recently approved an additional financing grant worth $11.85m for the Tajikistan Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (MIDP), news agencies reported.
The amount will help 200,000 residents of Tajik towns such as Kurgan-Tube, Farkhor, Dangara, Kulyab and Vose, to access clean water and high-quality utility services. The grant will finance the costs of expanding investment in the water and sanitation sector and places a greater emphasis on institutional strengthening to ensure long-term improvements in the quality of people’s lives. Around $2m will also be offered to lessen the impact of exceptional spring flooding on households in the Khatlon Region.
The Bank fund will act as additional grant which will help the government identify financing mechanism options to support the development of the water and sanitation sector, attract and leverage donor contributions. In addition piloting of metering and demand management program, piloting of Household Connection Subsidy program for small towns to improve equity of access to water supply, and piloting of modern billing and collection technology are also included.
Marsha Olive, World Bank Country Manager in Tajikistan said the Bank has placed a high priority on improving the quality of water services delivered to the people of Tajikistan, as well as helping ensure the sustainability of these improvements.