Which are the world leaders in negative emotions?

06.07.2012 - 14:17

A recent study conducted by Gallup International showed that people living in Iraq, the Palestinian Territories and Bahrain were among the most likely worldwide to experience a lot of negative emotions on a daily basis.

The study was done in accordance with Gallup’s Negative Experience Index (NEI) and it was based on surveys with 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older, in 148 countries throughout 2011.

The highest NEI scores were measured in Iraq (59), the Palestinian Territories (43) and Bahrain (41). In top five of the countries whose citizens experienced the most negative emotions on a daily basis were also Philippines (40) and Togo (39).

Surprisingly enough, top twenty of the world leaders in negative emotions included also four European countries- Turkey, Greece (both scored 38) and Serbia (36). Greece and Turkey were also leaders in NEI scores among the OECD countries. They were closely followed by Chile, Israel and Spain (all three scored 35).

In top ten OECD countries whose citizens experienced most often anger, stress, worry, sadness, and physical pain in 2011 included Hungary, the United States, Slovakia, Canada and France. Their scores ranged between 34 in Hungary and 29 in France.

On the other side of the Gallup’s study are the countries having the lowest NEI. Almost all of them were situated in Asia. However, the first place was occupied by the Somaliland region of Somalia (11), closely followed by Uzbekistan (12) and Thailand (13). In top five countries with lowest NEI one could find also Kyrgyzstan (13) and Kosovo (14). China and Russia both scored 16 points and respectively occupied tenth and twelfth place in the ranking.