Top ten weirdest jobs in the world
Now Reading: Top ten weirdest jobs in the world

PUBLISHED  01:57 April 30, 2012

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Tomorrow is the 1 May, globally celebrated labour day. International Workers’ Day is a celebration of the international labour movement and is often accompanied by organised street demonstrations and marches of workers and their labour unions.

Unlike blue-collar workers, white-collar workers tend to spend the labour day picnicking and grilling somewhere in nature.

For this 1 May, we bring you the list of ten weirdest jobs in the world.

10. Worm Picker

The job of a warm picker starts when everybody else is asleep. They get out wearing their protective outfit in the dark, especially in rainy days, and look for worm colonies. They select the best worms and stuff these filthy creatures in cans that are sold fishermen in markets worldwide. Many of them spent sleepless night yesterday.

9. Pet Food Tester

Pet food cannot arrive on store shelves unless it meets a food technologist’s taste. Not only does a pet food taster smell and taste animal food, they also chew it to ensure pets eat high-quality food. Though Fido would probably prefer having barbecue leftovers every day.

8. Body Farm Caretaker

Ever watched the series Bones and those brilliant minds solving complicated murder investigations by comparing soil samples and types of worms and maggots? Ever wondered how they come up with all these information [hint, in real life, they don’t really do it all by themselves]? It is all responsibility of a body farm caretaker, who not only drags a dead body out of a grave but also removes the maggots attached to its rotten flesh and everything else that could be on interest to scientists.

7. Professional Sleeper

While there are only ten good reasons to sleep at work, there are countless advantages of working in your sleep. These professional sleepers take part in sleep studies and research and literally have a dream job.

6. Shark Tank Cleaner

Do I really need to explain?

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5. Chicken Sexer

Chicken sexers undergo special trainings before being allowed to identify and separate male hatchlings from the females. Job might seem to be cut for weirdos, but number of sexual harrasmant charges is surprisingly low.

4. Roadkill Cleaner

Bird, cat and dog corpses on roads are always an eyesore. While many of us try to overpass them, a roadkill cleaner has to pick them up and put it in their car on a regular basis. The stinky smell of the rotten corpses make this job one of the weirdest. To add to weirdness, some cleaners feed their families on fresh roadkills.

3. Fortune Cookie Writer

A fortune writer tries to do one thing in a hundred different ways. Though the job sounds quite interesting initially, it could become tough after sometime when you run short of creative ideas. People do not want repetitive cookies and your cookie manufacturer pressures you to come up with something interesting every time, which is not always possible. That is why we occasionally receive unusual messages.

2. Dice Inspector

Gambling is a big business and dices are rolling all around the world. If dice angle is imperfect or the dice has incorrect proportions or if it has slightly distorted centre of mass, dice will favour one outcome, therefore corrupting a game of hazard. Moreover, a company which produced and delivered corrupted dices could be sued right away. For this reason, a dice inspector has to check every dice very carefully which is indeed a tiring and a time-consuming job. I bet you would not like to do it.

1. Vomit Collector

Entertainment parks are as good as their most stomach-churning rides. They not only make you lose your mind, but very often your lunch, too. This is why many vomit collectors are hired to clean up most thrilling amusement parks. Real rollercoaster ride of a job.

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