The Popular Party aims to avoid terrorist attacks

Spain might limit online mapping

15.04.2013 - 13:04

In order to protect the country from possible terrorist attacks, the Constitutional Commission of the Spanish Congress will discuss on Thursday 18 April a non-legislative proposal made by the Popular Party regarding access to online mapping in the country.

According to the Popular Party (PP), online maps and GPS services can be used for undesirable purposes, such as the organisation of a terrorist attack.

The political group highlights that satellite mapping on the Internet can provide information of sensitive settlements, such as military facilities, that could put at risk national security and international stability, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported.

The Popular Party explained that, for instance, terrorist groups have recognised the use of such tools in order to develop new attacks.

However, the group explained that terrorism doesn’t exist because of these new cartographic technologies, but they can make it easier the development of these actions if “the diffusion of the data is not well protected.”

The main problem the proposal will face is the location of this kind of information, which is stored in data bases outside Spain. Currently, there's no international regulation or agreements referring to companies' dissemination of national security related data.  

With its proposal, the PP, urges the government to study the possible effects of online mapping in the country. Besides, it also asks for the creation of a list including civil and military settlements which should be protected to ensure national security.

On Thursday, the deputy in charge of the initiative will defend it at the Defence Commission, which will decide later on whether it is accepted or not, Esteban del Pozo Vaquero, member of Popular Party's press office told New Europe.