Reding calls for more women in boardrooms

19.06.2012 - 17:22

On 19 June, the EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding discussed the progress made on improving the gender balance in company boardrooms with European industry associations, European business schools and Senior Executive Women.

"I do not accept the argument that there aren't enough qualified women to fill supervisory boards - you just need to look at the list of 7 000 'board ready' women that European Business schools published a few months ago to see that there are," said Reding. She added that “the pool of talent is there” and that companies should make a proper use of it.

In September 2011, the European Business Schools and Senior Executive Women started compiling a list of "Board Ready Women". It now contains more than 7,000 names, up from 3,500 in March this year.

Around 60% of all university graduates are female, yet women represent only 14% of board members in Europe's biggest listed companies and only 3% of board presidents.