PSA Peugeot Trnava starts hiring 900 new employees

29.01.2012 - 19:01


Trnava-based carmaker PSA Peugeot-Citroen Slovakia is seeking to hire 900 employees to work on a new car model and for a third shift, Daniela Schweizer from PSA's personnel department said on 24 January, Slovak spectator reported.
"The preparations for recruitment began roughly six months ago. We began well in advance, because it's quality and not quantity that matters to us. Apart from new people, we're also offering opportunities to our current employees to undergo training for other posts," Schweizer said.
The actual recruitment drive began in early January and 200 employees have been hired so far, with 100 to 150 employees to be added each month until all jobs are filled. "We prefer our internal personnel for qualified and more demanding jobs," Schweizer stated, adding that most new applicants are from the vicinity of Trnava and Nitra.