North Korea has a history of doing insane things
Now Reading: North Korea has a history of doing insane things

PUBLISHED  04:04 February 13, 2013

Testing a nuclear bomb, why would anybody want to know? It's North Korea

By Nerea Rial

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What's this?

North Korea confirmed on 12 February that it carried out successfully a nuclear test, which was made  unexpectedly and violating, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, “the relevant Security Council resolutions.”

Why should a country tell others that it aims to test a nuclear bomb, right? This is crazy, but not the only action of this kind made by the Asian country.  

Since 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been led by the same family, which has a huge collection of insane stories and decisions. Here are some of them:

1. In 1950, after two years of being a country, North Korea invades South Korea and the Korean War begins, why not?

2. In order to attract South Korean defectors, North Korea built Kijong-dong in 1950, a fake city in the demilitarized zone. Yes, the city is still there, and uninhabited.

3. What happens if you cut a poplar tree? Maybe in your country nothing, but in N.Korea, two US Army officers were killed after doing it in 1976.

4. In 1978, Kim Jong-Il kidnaped South Korean director Shin Sang-ok to help push country's propaganda film industry. In 1986 he escapes after making seven movies.

5. The country signs up to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in 1985…..

6. Just one year later, North Korea put into operation Yongbyon nuclear reactor….

7. Ten years ago, the country withdraws from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

8.  In 2004, Jong-il claims the invention of the hamburger as his own and describes it as “quality” food.

9. North Korea publicly declares its has nuclear weapons.

10. In 2008, a 50-year-old female South Korean tourist is shot down by a North Korean soldier for stumbling into 'military territory' in the Keumgang Mountain Tourist Region.

11. North Korean death camps appear on Google Maps in 2011.

12.  The country puts a rocket into space in December 2012 without warning anybody.

What will be next?

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