Microsoft announces APPCUP winners
Now Reading: Microsoft announces APPCUP winners

PUBLISHED  02:46 March 8, 2013

The four winner apps were developed for Windows 8 OS

By Nerea Rial

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ICT revolution is increasing the demand of mobile applications and generating a big market where thousands of developers want to succeed and see their work used by consumers.

Europe plays a major role in the mobile industry worldwide and app competitions and hackathons are the best way for entrepreneurs to show what they can do and, maybe, winning some cash and getting some fame.

This year, Microsoft launched the European APPCUP 2013 competition, in an attempt to encourage young entrepreneurs to test their skills as developers and build apps for Windows 8 OS.

Over 100 apps were presented, but just 10 were chosen as finalists. On 7 March, Microsoft announced four winners:  BulldozAir, Practice Your Music, Spelink and Hearing Test.

BulldozAir, from France, achieved the first position in the Business category. The application is a solution for companies with employees working on the field. Employees can report their work quickly and managers can monitor their progress.

The second position in this group was for the Spanish app Practice Your Music, which allows users play instruments and practice with the app. The interactive app provides a musical ensemble to accompany the musician.

The application will also keep scores of the performance of any of the musicians that perform the song.

In the Young Entrepreneur category, British Spelink occupied the first position. It helps people learn English words and their meanings in a playful setting. The objective of the game is to complete as many words as possible and qualify to further timed levels.

Finally, another Spanish entrepreneur was among the winners named by Microsoft. In this case, Hearing Test won the second price in this category and demonstrated that, despite of the crisis, big ideas are also being developed in Spain.

The tool helps users check their hearing with and audiometer. It is especially targeted to young people, who use headphones to listen to loud music for too long.

According to Microsoft, these projects “are a real example of Europe’s potential to compete in a truly global digital market.”

The apps are already available in the Windows Phone app store and in the Windows desktop app store.

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