Dalli asks the European Court of Justice to annul his dismissal by Barroso

Malta Police Commissioner: no case against John Dalli

09.06.2013 - 20:49

There is no criminal evidence to arraign or accuse former EU health commissioner John Dalli according to the Malteze Police Commissioner, Peter Paul Zammit, quoted by “Malta Today”.

 According to the newspaper, the Police Commissioner said that the police investigations in relation to the OLAF report were ongoing, but as things stand today there is no evidence to incriminate John Dalli.

Reacting to this statement, John Dalli said:

"The statement issued by the Police Commissioner is a closure of a malevolent and defamatory case in my regard, which has damaged Malta's image worldwide.

After months of anguish caused mainly by politically motivated leaks in the press just before and during the election campaign, I can now concentrate on fully restoring my integrity as well as Malta's name at an international level, which is of the utmost importance.

I will proceed with the cases that I had already instituted last December in the Belgian Criminal Court, a case for defamation against Swedish Match for maliciously spreading fabricated information, and another in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the annulment of President Barroso's decision to terminate my term as European Commissioner. President Barroso based his decision on the OLAF report which is now being heavily criticised for breaching both human rights and normal rules of investigation and procedure. This report has also been heavily criticised by the Supervisory Committee set up to scrutinise OLAF's procedures.

I am also presently considering other procedures that I may present in the Maltese Courts and in foreign courts.

My family and I can now recover from this ordeal and start rebuilding our life. We thank all those, in Malta and abroad, who have shown solidarity with us, especially those who actively gave us much needed support."