Lithuania now on Google Street View

08.02.2013 - 15:52

Lithuanian towns, streets and landscape are finally on Google Street View after Google has turned to its Irish unit and has made use of its EU-wide licence to engage in data protection and management activities.

The company had a legal wrangle with the Lithuanian authorities which have previously declined Google’s request for permission to shoot in Lithuania because of personal privacy protection issues.

On the other hand, Lithuania's State Data Protection Inspectorate had demanded Google to set up legal representation in the country in order to carry on with the task of placing objects in its service.

Nevertheless, instead of setting up a new office, all the work was done through Google Ireland and, as media in the country reported, currently the company has two Lithuanian employees (business development manager and marketing manager) that cover the whole Baltic market from Google’s office in Warsaw.

The other two Baltic countries, Latvia and Estonia, were put on Street View already last year.

As to the use of the service which was launched last week, the Lithuanian authorities intend to use Google Street View as means to fight tax cheats. The country’s tax authorities said Thursday that the newly introduced online street mapping service will help them in identifying the real value of property holdings, as well as land and property that has not been registered by its owners.