Kazakhstan mourns over deceased border guards

10.06.2012 - 22:05
5 June was declared a day of national mourning over the deceased border guards in accordance with an order signed by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. 
The incident took place at the Arkan Kergen mobile border post in southwest Kazakhstan where 15 border guards, including one commissioned officer, three contract guards, and 11 conscripts, were serving their duty.
On 28 May the regular contact with the post was not established despite the schedule. A task force was sent to the mountainous area on 30 May. The bodies of fourteen border guards and a local man were found in a burned-out building, which was initially thought to have been destroyed following an armed attack, or an incident between those who died. The tragedy seemed to have happened on the night of 28-29 May. “According to my assignment, investigation is currently underway. A special commission is working on the scene. Those who are guilty of the tragedy will suffer a just punishment,” Nazarbayev said. A criminal case has been initiated by the Chief Military Prosecutor.