The Islamic revolution begins
Now Reading: The Islamic revolution begins

PUBLISHED  06:30 September 14, 2012

By Kassandra

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Anti-American demonstrations continue in Cairo for the fourth day in a row with reports that on 14 September the Muslim Brotherhood called for a million strong manifestation at Tahrir Square, the Muslim world continuing its outrage in what began in a minute scandal; at the same time, as far as fuel is concerned, Brent is already at $116 per barrel with an upward trend. 
Anti-American riots continued in North Africa and the Middle East from 11 September until the time of going to print with fears of escalation evident from US security actions. 
The wave of demonstrations expands to Egypt and Libya, where the US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three staff members of the American Consulate in Benghazi were killed on 12 September, and also in Yemen where four people were already killed as well as other Muslim countries including fiery protests in Tunisia. 
Protests took place in Teheran outside the Swiss Embassy (which also represents the USA), in Kuwait the American Embassy was evacuated and in Saudi Arabia in front of the American Embassy in Riyadh and the American Consulate General in Jeddah protests were reported.
The source of this uprising of sorts was the release of a 14-minute clip to an online video sharing site of an amateur anti-Islam film produced by Israeli-American contractor Sam Bacile, slammed by the entire Mulsim world including the Iranian religious leader the Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. 
The film was made by Sam Bacile (real estate developer) who is said to be an Egyptian Copt. 
The film, reportedly insults the Prophet Muhammad and is in religious terms much worse than, for example the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet with a bomb.
In a globalised and digitalised society such as ours where different cultures and different types of democracy must coexist respecting each other; an extreme event like the anti-Muslim film may act as a “strange attractor” and trigger a chaotic explosion. 
Thus a new “status quo” will be generated, which will have nothing in common with the “status quo ante.” 
Potential countries for such change are Egypt and Libya as they both were countries led by strong dictatorships and are now ruled by “loose” pro-American Muslim governments trying to advance democracy to European levels “right here and right now” with the resulting risk, being an out of control situation. 
In this case, with the deepening unrest and demonstrations with common denominator anti-Americanism, we are not far from chaos.
The new scheme is likely to be that of regimes, like Iran. As Iran is de facto the leading power of Islamic fundamentalism, strategic checks and balances between Islam and the West, will certainly change.
Israel appears to be pressuring the United States to strike against Iran now, under the pretext of nuclear weapon development. 
The United States seem to be reluctant to proceed as on the one hand Washington is keeping side negotiations with Teheran and on the other hand an air attack against Iran would require the engagement of B-2 bombers equipped with the next-generation bunker-buster Massive Ordenance Penetrator (MOP, bombs capable to destroy underground facilities at a large scale). However, according to a New Europe source in Washington, McDonnell Duglas has not delivered sufficient quantities of MOPs to the Pentagon, as yet.
With the United States turning inwards and marginally capable of warfare where new fronts are concerned and Europe practically unarmed and led by administrators rather than leaders, the West may soon look for new allies (i.e. China) and new ways to confront the Islamic threat.
At the time of going to print sources were reporting that the US Embassy in Tunisia was seeing protests, in Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Berlin US Embassy had had a situation with some toxic almost mishap in its visa section and the US Mission to the EU had been sent home early, for security reasons.
On 14 September the Turkish and Egyptian authorities also issued statements of non-violence from their people.
An additional 50 marines were sent to Yemen the Pentagon reported on 14 September to protect the US embassy and Libyan authorities have seen increased assistance on security from the US.
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