The invasion of social media in US elections [INFOGRAPHIC]

19.10.2012 - 13:12

Have you ever wondered what is the impact of social media on politics?

The infographic below presents information on the invasion of social media in US elections through the years, its influence on voters' choice and, of course, a comparison between Obama and Romney in terms of activity on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

At the peak of the U.S. election campaign, one could see that the current President Obama has more than 28 million supporters on Facebook, almost 20 million followers on Twitter and around 227 000 subscribers on YouTube.

On the other hand, Romnay lags behind with only 7 million supporters, 1 million followers and 19 000 subscribers.

In addition, the current president releases 29 Tweets per day, while his opponent-only one.

However, one should not forget that Obama was dubbed 'the first Internet president' in 2008 when he strategically created an effective campaign on the web.

In addition, one should also keep in mind that if the number of Facebook users in 2008 was around 100 million and of Twitter users 1 million, it has rapidly increased in 2012 reaching upto 955 million Facebook and 500 million Twitter users.

Also, it has been estimated that about 50% of Americans use social networking sites, while 90% of Senators and 35 world leaders have Twitter accounts.

For more information about the change of campaigning trends in America from Roosevelt to Obama, check the infographic below.

The Social Media Election