Asking for higher pay and better working conditions

German trade union calls for another strike at Amazon

27.05.2013 - 11:52

German trade union ver.di has once again called for a strike of the Amazon staff in Leipzig. This is the second time this month a strike takes place at Amazon with employees and the union asking for higher pay and better working conditions.

In particular, ver.di has pointed that the wage structure at Amazon follows norms in the mail order and retail sector, while it uses pay and conditions from the logistics industry. In addition, it says that the leading online company does not grant holiday pay or Christmas bonuses to the staff and that night-time pay rates only kick in as of midnight.

As ver.di's top representative in the sector, Jörg Lauenrot-Mago, stated: "We want to show that Amazon is not some kind of idyllic world, but rather a place dominated by great dissatisfaction with working conditions." He also called on local politicians to meet with the Amazon employees that are on strike, as well as to "visibly support" them.

Two weeks ago, around 1,100 Amazon employees - from logistical centers at Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld – went on a strike for the first time in the company's German history. More specific, the union has been calling for starting pay of 10.66 euros per hour, compared with 9.30 euros now in Leipzig and an increase to 12.18, with the current pay being 9.83 euros, for Bad Hersfeld.

Amazon employs around 9,000 people in Germany, at eleven locations around the country.

Last December, the German television featured an investigation on poor conditions for temporary workers during the Christmas rush.