Brian Wong talks about advertising, rewards and emotion in TNW 2012 keynote.

Finding the Human Angle in Tech Development

02.05.2012 - 23:47

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy with a lot of development still to go before it will reach its full potential. There are at least ten ways to move forward in the industry. That is what Brian Wong, one of the keynote speakers at TNW, put forward in his speech. 

Brian Wong, a name that should not be strange to anyone in the tech industry. Finishing college when he was just eighteen, Wong, being only 21 years old, is definitely one of the youngest web entrepreneurs raising venture capital with his online mobile advertising platform Kiip. At TNW 2012, Wong talked about how the idea of Kiip came to him on a plane and how today's web and mobile advertising is still falling very short of what it could be. 

Kiip is more than just a mobile advertising platform, it is a reward platform. When a person plays games on their smartphone or tablet which use Kiip integration and reaches certain achievements, they are rewarded, a system which keeps pulling people back to those games, increasing profits for developers. 

The main part of Wong's keynote was all about how to go beyond what exists nowadays with regards to mobile advertising platforms. 

Technology is humanizing, people are starting to tie certain emotions to applications, games and platforms. The key to using this is finding out what exactly the human emotionary angle is in a business. With Kiip, that is the reward system, tying into happiness. 

The amount of digital natives, people who have grown up with broadband internet, smartphones and tablets, is rapidly increasing. They all need to be accounted for as they are the most important crowd to win over for a tech business. 

Knocking Apple about for a bit in his keynote, Wong used the example of how the iPad is bringing people together. Using other examples from Nike and Heineken, he illustrated how this process may seem similar to gamification, but that it is not. 

Going through the motions, Wong's keynote was filled with videos demonstrating how Kiip works, how mobile rewards and advertising draw in people and what is next for consumers and producers alike. 

Above: Watch an interview with Brian Wong conducted at TNW. 

Below: Watch Brian Wong's TNW keynote.