EXCLUSIVE: Bersani expected to be asked to form government
Now Reading: EXCLUSIVE: Bersani expected to be asked to form government

PUBLISHED  12:21 February 28, 2013

By Federico Grandesso

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New Europe spoke with Spokeperson, Mr. Stefano Di Traglia, one of the closest advisers of Mr. Bersani, Leader of the Partiti Democratici, about the results of the Italian election and forming a government after the rebuff from Beppe Grillo.

Right after the election results, Mr. Bersani underlined the need to open discussions on a future government with Mr.Grillo.It seems that from the blog you received a negative reaction.

It's not a blog that decides if the proposal of Mr. Bersani is unacceptable, but the members of Parliament. Then, in the blog I also saw various comments and different opinions from the one of Mr. Grillo.

In the Parliament everyone will be responsible for his decisions. On our side, we propose a new idea of government, and if President Napolitano will give Mr. Bersani the exploratory mandate to form the new government, and I think that this will be the case, it will be the occasion to present a concrete agenda.

The strong points of our proposal are: morality in politics, cutting costs in politics, conflict of interests, the anti-trust law, robust anti-corruption laws, social measures and actions to boost economic growth.

I think also that Mr. Grillo will have to establish a discussion with his Parliamentarians. The voters pushed strongly for change, this was one of the topics of the phone call today with President Hollande; we have to avoid the populist wave of the past years, which brought to power right wing coalitions, this could happen again because of the austerity measures.

I have to underline that this phenomenon is not only an Italian problem and Europe understands this.

This proposal will be only addressed to Mr. Grillo?

Mr. Bersani is going to introduce his proposal to the entire Parliament, then is the PDL ready to accept a stronger corruption law?

On the conflict of interests is it ready to approve a law that resolves this problem?

Then we have the anti-trust law. Which measures to take on labor policy?

We will present an agenda, but we are not searching for a privileged role with any political group, after that the single groups will have to decide. The need for a change is born more from one side and this is evident.

An important act of the Parliament will be to quickly nominate the presidents of the Senate and of the Chamber, this will be the first occasion to test a potential coalition .What's the agenda of Mr. Bersani?

It'snot a mere assignment of seats, in the past years we saw in Italy the negative trend of always  having the winning coalition as president of the two chambers. Mr. Bersani wants to change this trend, and he is open to share with other groups the responsibility to rule the two wings of the Parliament. In that very moment we will be able to understand also how the various political groups are going to interact on the interest of the country.

Europe is concerned about the Italian situation, what's your impression about that?

Europe is asking for a concrete and stable path and I think that our coalition could offer the elements to govern as Europe is asking at the moment.

In the Senate we have this difficult situation, but I also think that tackling issues, measure by measure, we can offer some concrete action, we now have to convince Europe that we are ready to take tangible actions in the direction of growth.

This new wave, which was highlighted on the world press as negative, can also be, with a responsible attitude, an important element of positive change from the political point of view.

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