EU takes action to tackle with youth unemployment

15.02.2013 - 14:08

European Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor spoke at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland stressing the action the European Union is taking to tackle with youth unemployment.

As Commissioner Andor stated: “It is young people who represent the future of our economy and society. Our collective future depends on young people’s skills, ideas and abilities, and on whether they get an opportunity to apply and develop them in the labour market. Investing in young people is therefore a moral imperative, a social necessity and simple economic sense.”

In addition, he said that according to the latest figures youth unemployment rate is 23.4% for the EU and 24% for the euro area, meaning 5.7 million unemployed young people under 25 across the EU, and over 3.6 million in the euro area respectively.

Commissioner Andor stated that last December the Commission proposed a Youth Employment Package in order to create more job opportunities for young people and support the transition from education to work. In particular, the four key elements of the package are: the Youth Guarantee to help young people up to 25 years find jobs, the European Quality Framework for Traineeships to offer experience and learning on the job under fair working conditions, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships to improve the quality of apprenticeships and the number on offer and finally, the improvement of labour mobility for young people across Europe by making EURES, the network of European Employment Services more effective.

The new Youth Employment Initiative to support the measures set out in the Youth Employment Package will involve €6 billion for the 2014 to 2020 period and will be open to all regions with a youth unemployment rate over 25%.

Moreover, Commissioner Andor said that the EU has to coordinate fiscal and structural policies in order to strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union and fix the employment and social crisis that is pulling Europe apart.

Finally, he added that Ireland has been coming out of the crisis well because the government has made a lot of effort to stimulate creation of new jobs even with a limited budget.