EU council approved new sanctions against Syria

14.05.2012 - 20:33
In a EU statement released on May 14, ministers from the 27-nation announced new sanctions against Syria and warned of further actions if Assad fails to abide by a ceasefire.
The EU Council  decided to freeze the assets of two entities financially supporting the Assad government  and focused on three additional persons with a travel ban and an asset freeze.
This set of measures will be the fifteenth package of sanctions against Damascus, while brings the total number of persons subject to sanctions to 128 with 43 entities now affected by the EU asset freeze.
Last month EU council decided to ban shipments of luxury items to Damascus and further restricted the sale of certain goods used to repress dissidents 
"The ceasefire is not being fully implemented...There continues to be killing, torture, abuse in Syria. So it's very important we keep the pressure on the Assad regime."  British Foreign Secretary William Hague said.
Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn agreed, adding that EU must maintain political pressure to Assad regime.
Sweden's Carl Bildt referring to UN observers' mission said that that leads to a sort of reduction in violence and repression in areas where they are able to be .He also stated that a failure of the Annan plan would be a rapid descent into sectarian civil war which would be profoundly devastating for Syria and the entire region.