Digital Single Market: “the more consistent the rules, the fewer the obstacles”

31.01.2013 - 09:46

On 30 January, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes underlined that the Digital Single Market needs to create consistent rules which will lead to a more consistent environment.

During her speech in the Centre on Regulation in Europe the Commissioner highlighted the barriers someone meets if he wantsto invest in the Digital Single Market. “Time-consuming planning rules; divergent network access prices and products; unavailable spectrum,” are some of the obstacles Mrs. Kroes mentioned. “The solutions need to be just as varied. We need a strategic vision, and a programme of pragmatic actions: detailed, technical, thought-through,” the Commissioner stressed.

In order to complete the Digital Single Market reforms, Kroes announced that she intends to present a package of ten steps to make the EU Telecom market more integrated and efficient. The ten steps are: (i) A Directive for fixed broadband which will stimulateinvestments; (ii) Promote wireless communication in EU, by implementing the radio spectrum policy programme; (iii) Present the wireless action plan, at early Spring; (iv) Include in EU Budget, financial support tobroadband roll-out; (v) Cut inefficient projects costs, such as not digging the roads countless times; (vi) the new EU guideline on broadband state aid, which enables states to support broadband where markets don’t deliver; (vii) Complete the study on actual internet speeds, in order to promote transparency; (viii) Stimulate net neutrality; (ix) the publication of the new Recommendation on universal service in a digital society; (x) enhance demand for broadband.

Mrs. Kroes concluded her speech saying, “all those new digital ideas and innovations, products and services: they all run on the rails of broadband, fixed and wireless. And with the Digital Single Market boost, we can make it easier to deliver.”