Last Monitoring Report shows Croatia promoted the necessary reforms

Croatia ready for EU accession

26.03.2013 - 11:21

The Commission today affirmed that Croatia will be ready to join the European Union on 1 July 2013, becoming the 28th Member State. The Commission adopted today its last Monitoring Report on the accession process and has found that Croatia has completed the ten priority actions included in the previous report in October. In addition, the county has succeeded in showing will, ability and determination to fulfil its commitments in order to become part of the EU.

Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle traveled to Zagreb to present the report to the Croatian government. As he stated: "This report is positive news. Croatia has worked hard and kept the pace of reforms. It made great strides not only since the end of the accession negotiations, but also since the previous Monitoring report. The results it has achieved are directly benefiting its citizens. The country is now ready to take its place in the EU as planned and we are all looking forward to completion of the ratification of the Accession Treaty and welcoming Croatia in the EU on the 1 July.” And added: “Croatia's is a success for enlargement. It is a proof of the credibility of the enlargement policy: when candidate country delivers on the criteria and commitments, the EU delivers on the membership perspective. This is also a good example for the rest of the region as it moves closer to the EU.“

In particular, according to the Monitoring Report, Croatia was successful in promoting the necessary reforms in the judiciary and fundamental rights as well as justice, freedom and security sectors. Moreover, it has proven its ability to fulfil other commitments related to EU membership. However, the report stresses that Croatia has still to make efforts to achieve reform regarding the rule of law, and particularly to fight against corruption.