Croatia ratifies EU accession treaty

09.03.2012 - 15:45

Croatia's parliament (Sabor) unanimously ratified the EU Accession Treaty on 9 March, fulfilling the last step towards full membership.

All 136 legislators present at the session voted in favour of the ratification of the treaty, reiterating full political commitment of the country to its EU future.

The ratification of the treaty was delayed awaiting the ruling of the Constitutional Court on results of EU accession referendum which took place on 22 January, when more than 66% of people voted in favour of the accession, but with turnout of just over 43%.

The Court ruled on 5 March that referendum was conducted in accordance with the Constitution and positive legislation and the bill was immediately put on the schedule for vote.

Ruling SDP's deputy Daniel Mondekar who presented the bill on behalf of the governing majority stressed that EU membership constitute an “obligation to help neighbours on their paths towards the EU”. Former prime minister Jadranka Kosor, whose government signed the accession treaty added that this was a unique moment for “a generation of politicians to decide on Croatia's future in the EU”.

The accession treaty was thus far ratified by Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and Malta. Croatia started negotiations on membership in October 2005, concluded them on 30 June 2011 and should join the EU on 1 July 2013.