Bpost to issue chocolate stamps

08.02.2013 - 12:30

The Belgium Post Office (Bpost) announced on 6 February that it will issue five stamps with chocolate smell and taste.

The chocolate taste, which was incorporated in the glue of the stamps, will be released when the person licks it to stick it on the envelope.

For the smell, the company said that it has used a perfume of smell of dark chocolate which ‘characterises’ Belgian chocolate. The aroma will be dispersed from the ink.

Bpost explained that this is not the first time a postal stamp is issued with a fragrant, but the uniqueness of the five news stamps was in the combination between scent and taste.

In 1999, the process of producing Belgian chocolate was ‘honoured’ with a stamp, while in 2006 a limited collection of stamps devoted to Belgian gastronomy was issued.

People from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland were involved in the production of the stamps which will be officially issued on 25 March at the price of 6.20 euro per sheet of five chocolate stamps. However, the special edition stamps are intended mainly for overseas mail.