Barroso backs Stanishev

09.03.2009 - 11:57

Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev received the full support of European Commissions President Jose Manuel Barroso, concerning the improvement of the cooperation with the European Commission and the enhancement of the administrative capacity. Prime Minister Stanishev was on a working visit to Brussels last week and met with President Barroso, as well as European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs and Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Almunia.

During the forthcoming weeks representatives of the EC and the Bulgarian government will come up with their common priorities at a special meeting, concerning the improvement of their cooperation. The president of the European Commission hailed the reaction of the Bulgarian government following the interim report of the Commission of February on the mechanism of cooperation and inspection in the fields of justice and interior affairs. We continue to learn, the Bulgarian Prime Minister said in his turn, and added that in the fields of justice and interior affairs the government had defined the necessary measures in the new schedule of urgent measures and actions of the government.

Each EU member-state is in a unique position, said President Barroso speculating on the financial and economic crisis. At the spring European Council, scheduled to be held on March 19 - 20, the leaders of the EU member-states will discuss concrete measures within the framework of the plan of the European Union for economic recovery, Barroso pointed out. Among the projects for European financing, proposed by Bulgaria, are a second electricity transfer link between Bulgaria and Greece, a better financing of the gas transfer intersystem link between Bulgaria and Romania, as well as ensuring finances for the start of the project of extending the gas storage facility in the village of Chiren, Prime Minister Stanishev pointed out.

Through its permanent representation in the European Union, Bulgaria has presented its arguments for extending the term of compensations from closing down blocks one to four of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant until 2013, by means of Strategic Justification Paper declaration, it became clear after the meeting of Prime Minister Stanishev with European Commissioner Piebalgs. The common European policy in the field of power engineering must be based on a profound analysis and constant dialogue and this is the reason why Bulgaria has initiated the establishment of a permanent energy forum in Sofia, which will have sessions every year, concerning power engineering issues, the prime minister announced during his meeting with Energy Commissioner Piebalgs.

"We are not on the lookout for a campaign approach, but rather for a long-term strategy for the sector at a common European level," the prime minister said. European Commissioner Almunia in his turn highly praised the economic and financial policy, pursued by the Bulgarian government. In his opinion, Bulgaria, unlike many other European countries, faces the world crisis with an economic stability.