1.85 million unfilled vacancies in EU

04.03.2013 - 15:16

The European Commission today published two reports analyzing the skills needed in Europe since there are 1.85 million unfilled vacancies throughout the EU. The European Vacancy Monitor and the European Job Mobility Bulletin aim to draw attention on existing vacancies in various fields in order to promote employment opportunities and boost growth.

The European Job Mobility Bulletin indicates that an increase in hiring in administration, teaching, business and health care, as well as engineering technicians and professionals was observed. In addition, according to the report, more sectors are recovering from the economic crisis. Moreover, good job opportunities are also available for finance and sales associate professionals, shop salespersons, housekeeping and restaurant services workers and modern health associate professionals.

However, the sector with the most vacancies is ICT, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden having the highest need of computing professionals. According to estimations, Europe has up to 700.000 unfilled ICT jobs and over a month ago, the Commission highlighted that it is determined to take action in order to close digital skills and jobs gap in Europe.

The European Vacancy Monitor is an initiative of the European Commission responsible for providing a comprehensive overview of recent developments on the European job market. It often publishes data on job vacancies and hiring with a view to show trends in occupational demand and skills requirements. The data is gathered from a wide range of sources: public employment services, temporary work agencies, online services, the EU statistics office job vacancy statistics, national statistical offices and other relevant research.

The European Job Mobility Bulletin provides an analysis of vacancies posted on the EURES jobs portal by national public employment services. It is specifically designed to help people looking for work outside their home country.